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  REMOTEVIEWING Spirituele Gadgets Paranormaal!

Ontwikkel Paranormale Vermogens! -

  REMOTEVIEWING Spirituele Gadgets Paranormaal!
 De Psychic Stimulator de Shiva wordt specifiek gebruikt om bijzondere paranormale gaven
te trainen. Helderziendheid, het krijgen van voorspellende dromen/ visioenen, telepathie etc.
worden o.a. genoemd. 

Ook dit systeem is uitvoerig in laboratoria getest en is absoluut veilig. De techniek is
gebaseerd op grondige wetenschappelijke onderzoeken.

God Helmet" Technology

Legal: Templates for signals licensed by Dr. M.A. Persinger & Stan Koren


Click to see close-up

Click to see close-up


The phrase God Helmet was invented by a journalist who wanted
to make the article they were writing about the work of Dr. Michael
A. Persinger more interesting by giving the
Koren Helmet (built by
Stan Koren) a more impressive name. Although a very small percentage
of Persinger & Koren's subjects did have meetings with God
, most of
the sessions resulted in other experiences. These have included
out-of-body experiences, visions of an infinite 'Void", patterns of light,
and a range of other phenomena. Although the name
God Helmet is
not really accurate (and that's why it's in quotes), it's the only name
many people have heard for this kind of apparatus.

These pages will try to explain as much as possible about this device.
If you order a Shiva system, you will receive the software needed to
do "God Helmet" sessions, as well as the software to do "Octopus"
(The apparatus used to elicit psychic perceptions in the laboratory)
sessions. The Koren Helmet is the most important research tool in

Neurotheology, the science of understanding spirituality, especially
the brain's role in religious, mystic and spiritual
Religious and spiritual beliefs are another matter, of course.

This is the first time this type of device has been available to the
public, as part of the Shiva Neural Stimulation System.




This is the "God Helmet" setup for Shiva Neural
It uses four USB sound devices (creating eight independent
stereo channels). Magnetic fields cycle between four coils on
one or both sides of your head. These fields change strength
every few milliseconds, so they are also magnetic
Another way to see it is that Shiva conveys information to
the brain using a magnetic carrier.


This makes it hard for the brain to tune out the signal or get used to it.
It also shifts the 'response area' from one place to another.
As one area responds, the surrounding ones become quieter.

This animation shows
                                                how the Koren Helmet works and make time to
                                                load (300 Kb).


The slower changes in the signals
make these two-phase sessions,
that last 40 or 60 minutes overall.

Each phase is 20 or 30 minutes.
The first phase will use one signal
over one area, and the second phase
will apply another signal over
another area.

The first phase will build up activity
slowly in one area, and the second
phase will recruit this activation,
shunting it into another. The result can
be a response from the brain that
ordinarily would be hard to achieve.
By directing the information to
different brain parts on each side
of the brain, a broad control over the
effects is possible, but the exact
effects will vary from one individual
to another.

One signal gets positive responses
from one side of the brain, and
another signal gets positive effects
from the other side of the brain.

This is the most powerful mind
technology in the Shakti family of
Neural Technologies, and there are
possible side-effects for each session
design. These are described in the
software on the pages for each, along
with ways to stop them if they arise.







 Present Geomagnetic Field State:

Are you Online?





Shiva uses four USB-Powered Sound
Devices, and does not require any
external power supply




"I have a Shiva Neural Stimulation system and I’m very happy with it. After the first try (I used one of the God Helmet sessions) I was a little uncomfortable, but I also felt much happier and I felt a kind of flow (energy flow?) inside my body. This continued for a few days before it's intensity started to fade. The next time I tried, I didn’t have the uncomfortable feeling, but one of happiness and I would say a different look at things and the world.

Over the next months I used several other sessions and found that their effects differed from one another. Some of them were more effective for me than others. The best feeling* it gave me so far is the flow of happiness I mentioned before. It makes me more energetic, and I even started enjoying some tasks at work I had once hated. I also found that it improved communication with other people and made it also more enjoyable and productive. I've only gone through 20-30% of the sessions so far and I’m very exited about the many more positive surprises I'll get from the system."

*Modulated 40 hertz 'chirp' signal over both sides followed by amygdala over the left.

I have the Shiva "God Helmet" and have used it about 6 times now. I was interested in it for the right hippocampus stimulation and left amygdala stimulation. I have been been 'vibrating' while awake. Having more visions and 'seeing' peoples auras. My ... (friend)... has used it and has now seen someone's aura. People are starting to tell him very private things after only meeting him for a few minutes. ...
(I'm) still 'playing' with it. I'm keeping a journal of my experiences. So far I'm happy I got it."









Note that the Shiva System includes:

  • The original Shiva for Windows software (for psychic skills)
  • Software for "God Helmet" sessions
  • The Shakti software, including the Feelgood session and:
  • All sessions for the 2 and 4 coil Shakti systems, and -
  • The magnetic signals used for the (now discontinued) Shakti Helmet.

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